Gold Beach - 60 Years On

The Inns of Court (Armoured car) regiment, RAC

Regimental nickname "The Devil's Own", given to the Inns of Court during the Napoleonic Wars by King George 3rd on hearing that the troops then passing in review consisted mainly of members of the legal profession, an honour reflected in the winged devil which can be seen painted on the Regiment's vehicles.

D Day

The Inns of Court were the only Armoured Car unit to land on D Day. The main party consisting of C Squadron plus a small HQ Group, with attached Royal Engineers in halftracked vehicles, landed on Juno Beach near Graye Sur Mer early on June 6th, tasked to infiltrate some 30 miles inland to demolish bridges over the Orne river so as to prevent counterattack by German armoured units. Liaison officers were attached to flanking units including 50 Division landing on Gold Beach .

Post mission, formed 'Phantom' wireless units to neighbouring formations including 30 Corps, until remainder of the Regiment landed some time later.


See the latest D Day issue of the Military Vehicle Trust magazine 'Windscreen' for a reprint of an article by the regimental padre which gives greater detail regarding these exploits.



The main armoured vehicles used by the Regiment during the Second World War were the Daimler Scout Car ("Dingo") and the Daimler Armoured Car. Sabre Squadrons used both the Scout and Armoured Cars. Scout Cars formed the equipment of the Light Troops, and were also deployed for liaison throughout the Regiment. The Humber Scout Car was additionally used in a limited role for liaison. Heavy Troops also used the AEC 'Heavy' Armoured Car known as the 'Matador'.


Daimler Dingo scout car

Daimler Dingo scout car

Inns of Court Regiment (Armoured Car) Display Group

The Display Group is a totally new body forming now with the aim of promoting this illustrious but little acknowledged Regiment, demonstrating the role of the Armoured Car Regiment during World War 2, and preserving the memory of those who served with the Regiment.


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For further information regarding the Display Group or the Regiment please contact Andrew M Morgan by telephone on 07870 892283 or by email to: iocmorganAThotmailDOTcom

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