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19 Field Security Section (Intelligence Corps)

The Section embarked from Southampton and landed at Arromanches on D-Day, the only FSS unit to do so. It made for Bayeux where it took over the former HQ of the German Field Police and arrested a number of suspects including some stay behind agents. Personnel also found that they were part owners of a cow, which the previous German occupants of the HQ had rented from a local farmer, who was keen to keep up the agreement. Later some of the section along with 45 FSS were among the first British troops to enter Lille. The section went on to fight through Belgium, Holland and Germany.

Duties of a Field Security Section


Duties were detailed within the Manual of Field Security 1943 but here is a brief outline of some of the duties the FS Section.


The compiling of black and white lists, BLACK lists - known enemy intelligence operatives and sympathisers/collaborators. WHITE lists - local resistance and friendly persons. The information for these lists was provided by many different sources including SIS, Ultra and SOE.


The arrest and field interrogation of black list/ high category prisoners such as SS and Gestapo.


Searching and compiling of information and intelligence gained from HQ and Intelligence offices, including the translation of documents, used to brief Divisional and Brigade Staff Intelligence officers.

The security of key points and security investigations prior to an operational deployment.

When not employed in security tasks the section were all trained infantrymen.


Intelligence Corps

Depot Troop Living History Group


19/57 FSS is part of the Depot Troop living history group. We have been formed since 2001 and have a 15 to 20 strong membership of all ages, children to Homeguard.

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