Gold Beach - 60 Years On

The Garrison

World War 2 Living History Group

The group's core function is the portrayal of a troop of Royal Artillery 25 pounder Field Gun regiment, namely the 124 th Field Regiment of the 50 th Northumbrian (Tyne Tees) Division, together with women's Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) section.

Assigned to 30 Corps, the infantry elements of 50 th division together with 90 th County of London Territorial Field Regiment equipped with Sexton self-propelled 25 pounders and preceded by divisional units from Royal Armoured Corps and Royal Engineers, formed the main first wave assault on the beach codenamed 'Gold' situated between Arromanches and La Rivière. Following the success of the landings and the push inland, the 124 th and 74 th Field Regiments were disembarked some days later (D-Day +6) to support the division in their engagements in the Battle of the Bocage in the Tilly-Sur-Seulles, Hottot-Les-Bagues and La Senaudiere areas.

The group operates two 'live' firing 25 pounder field guns, complete with associated ammunition limbers and Morris Commercial Gun Tractors, manned by trained crews, within which members hold the required Firearms and Black Powder licences. These are frequently used for public displays in connection with our work for English Heritage, for whom we have staged living history events over a number of years.


The Garrison plotting a shot

The Garrison plotting a shot

The Garrison have featured in various film, television and magazine productions, where we have provided specialist extras and technical advice to wardrobe departments.

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