Gold Beach - 60 Years On

Gold Beach "secret bunker"!

October 2006

During a visit to Ver sur Mer in October 2006, we were privileged to visit the remains of WN -35b, the HQ of II/1716 Art. regt on 6th June 1944. Standing as it does on private land, and some distance away from any roads, the position is seldom visited. It's unusual compared to most surviving Normandy fortifications in that the remains of communication trenches and dugouts may be seen in addition to the remains of the concrete bunkers.

Thanks to Jean-François LeCuziat, our friend and avid British and Canadian militaria collector, from Crépon, who organised the visit.

Main command post bunker

Communication Trench

View looking North

Second bunker - flooded!

Third bunker

Ammunition store?


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